Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Should Be Reading

More evidence today that we should all spend less time involved in blogs and more time involved with books.

First, Econlog. To summarize:
Rich people read. Books.

Second, the CBC:
Older people who can't read have a greater chance of dying, including from cardiovascular disease, a U.S. study released Monday suggests.

I am strongly biased in favour of books since I grew up in a home that only had two TV channels until I was 16, and read probably a book a day during much of my formative years. I wish I read more books.

Carl Sagan put it eloquently in his 'Cosmos' series. Standing in the New York Public Library, home to 1.7 million volumes, an avid reader would, in a full life, only cover a few short stacks of the massive collection - 0.3% of the library. This not only suggests we should read voraciously, since at that threshold, we are unlikely to encounter substantial diminishing returns (and perhaps even increasing ones, e.g. how moving from one person to two people in a factory likely raises average output), but that we also should be choosy in which books to read.

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