Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I will admit that I read Freakonomics. I own a copy. It's fairly good. I even convinced two people to read it. (I even convinced one person to take an economics course once, but unrelated to that book).

My blogroll has been expanding recently (albeit slowly), and I considered adding the Freakonomics blog, but they've made a crucial mistake over there.

There is no longer economic commentary.

Lest we forget, economics is what the book is premised on. Most of the posting is now done by two journalists/lawyers/whatever. When John Bates Clark recipient Steven Levitt posts, it's rarely about economics. Going back some twelve pages (I gave up after that), revealed nothing by the Dr. that I would consider close to 'trenchant economic analysis'.

I concede that I am not in a viable position to legitimately criticize someone who has a decent shot at a Nobel sometime in the future. But I do realize that given Levitt's fame and accordingly expanded set of opportunities, the marginal utility of making incisive blog posts is probably pretty low compared to alternative uses for his time.

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