Monday, July 23, 2007

Competition Bureau Fines DuPont

This verdict is somewhat interesting. My IO class finally come to fruition. I can ramble on about the Competition Bureau at length.

Basically, a $4m fine for unspecified talks with unspecifies parties about the price of a certain rubber. Interesting, but details are really required to make it a story.
"During the relevant period, the accused issued price increase announcements and quotations in accordance with these agreements," according to court files. "This resulted in the preventing, limiting or lessening unduly of competition."

Note the use of the word 'unduly'. Basically, all Canadian competition policy revolves around that word, a point made abundantly clear by my IO teacher and the various case files. Ah, law.

P.S. My boss' boss' boss' boss is moving to take up the position of Executive Director at the Competition Policy Review Panel, so these matters are especially interesting right now.

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