Monday, July 9, 2007

Canadian Soccer

So, we didn't do so hot at the U-20 World Cup.

What's worse than being the only host team in the entire history of the
FIFA U-20 World Cup to not score a goal? Being the only team in the
tournament to not score a goal!
Canada went into the game needing to win by three goals.
The Canadians only had two shots on goal in their first two games.
In the end it was slapstick when Canadian 'keeper Asmir Begovic of Edmonton was red carded for handling the ball outside the box. With no substitutes left, midfielder Johnathan Beaulieu-Bourgault had to replace him.

However, this does lead me to predict excellent ticket sales for the newly-incorporated Toronto FC. More than 32,000 people showed up in Edmonton to watch this in the rain, with Canada already having played its first two games miserably. There must be quite a pent-up demand for soccer in these parts.

P.S. I do know it's called 'football', but that just confuses everyone.

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